What people look for in a Pub


Mind Map on What people look for in a Pub, created by Ben Hancock on 31/01/2017.
Ben Hancock
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Ben Hancock
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What people look for in a Pub
  1. Service
    1. Quick
      1. Efficent
        1. Simple
          1. Staff
            1. Friendly
              1. Kind
                1. Can Deal with complaints
                  1. Calm
                  2. Child friendly
                    1. Disabled Access
                      1. facilities
                        1. Toilets
                          1. Car Park
                        2. Quality
                          1. Clean
                            1. bar kept clean from drink stains
                              1. Floors mopped Regularly
                              2. Looks Professional
                                1. Tables Laid
                                2. Organised
                                  1. Opens on time
                                    1. Food gets to the Customer Quicker
                                  2. Food and Drink
                                    1. Tastes Good
                                      1. Not Too Expensive
                                        1. Alcoholic Drinks
                                          1. Real Ales
                                            1. Shots
                                              1. Lots of types of Beers
                                              2. Soft Drinks
                                                1. Juices
                                                  1. Coke
                                                    1. Water
                                                      1. For Free
                                                  2. Atmoshpere
                                                    1. Friendly
                                                      1. Kind
                                                      2. Social
                                                        1. Lots of Different types of people
                                                          1. Old/young
                                                            1. male/female
                                                          2. Lively
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