Th1L07 Competitive and non-competitive inhibitors


Medicine Y1 (Theme 1 | Cells and organelles) Mind Map on Th1L07 Competitive and non-competitive inhibitors, created by Emma Allde on 17/08/2016.
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Th1L07 Competitive and non-competitive inhibitors
  1. Competitive inhibitors
    1. block the enzyme active site
      1. Alter the apparent Km not the Vmax
        1. Increase the [S] it takes to reach Vmax
          1. Reduces the steepness of the slope
          2. E.g. Malonate
            1. Inhibits succinate dehydrogenase
              1. Takes up the active site, blocking succinate (the substrate) from entering the succinate dehydrogenase
            2. Non-competitive
              1. reversible or irreversible
                1. cannot reach the same Vmax
                  1. Km and Vmax/2 is the same
                    1. Does not directly block the active site
                      1. Interfere in some other way with the catalytic mechanisms
                        1. irreversibly poisons the enzyme
                        2. e.g. chealator (EDTA)
                          1. Reversible non-competitive enzyme inhibitor
                            1. Inhibits Mg2+ requiring enzyme
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