Area, Volume & Perimeter Mind Map


This mind map covers some of the basic concepts and formulae for the area, perimeter and volume of basic 2-D and 3-D shapes.
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Area, Volume & Perimeter Mind Map
  1. Area
    1. 2-Dimensional
      1. Measured in metres squared (m^2)
        1. Formulae
          1. Rectangle: length x height
            1. Triangle: 1/2 x base x (perpindicular) height
              1. Circle: π r^2
            2. Volume
              1. 3-Dimensional
                1. Formulae
                  1. Cylinder: π r^2 h
                    1. Cuboid: length x width x height
                      1. Cone: 1/3 x π r^2 h
                        1. Sphere: 4/3 x π r^3
                        2. Measured in metres cubed (m^3)
                          1. Total space taken up by a shape
                          2. Perimeter
                            1. 1-Dimensional
                              1. Measured in metres (m)
                                1. Formulae
                                  1. Rectangle:(2 x length)+ (2 x width)
                                    1. Circle: 2π r
                                      1. Square: 4 x length
                                      2. Total length of a shape's boundary
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