Th1L03: Nucleic Acids


Introduction to nucleic acids
Emma Allde
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Th1L03: Nucleic Acids
  1. Formed via dehydration reaction
    1. Polymers of nucleotides
      1. Pentose sugars, phosphate, nitrogenous base


        • Back bone of RNA/DNA alternating sugar and phosphate molecules     
        1. NB of DNA: Adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine
          1. NB of RNA: Adenine, guanine, cytosine, uracil
            1. Pentose sugar: deoxyribose or ribose
              1. Hydrogen bonds formed between NB
          2. e.g. DNA, RNA
            1. DNA vs. RNA
              1. DNA is larger with a double stranded helical structural
                1. RNA is single stranded
                2. Biological functions
                  1. RNA and DNA store genetic information
                    1. mRNA
                      1. Messenger RNA
                        1. Copy of gene, template for protein synthesis
                          1. Synthesised via transcription
                            1. Synthesis of protein is based on the encoded information on mRNA via translation
                            2. rRNA
                              1. Ribosomal RNA
                                1. Structural component of the ribosome meaning it is involved in protein synthesis
                                2. tRNA
                                  1. Transport RNA
                                    1. Transport molecule for amino acids to ensure sequence of proteins encoded in mRNA is decoded
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