Comparative Study


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Comparative Study
  1. Cultural Context
    1. T.P.a.t.S
      1. Different social classes can be shown by the characters speech patterns
    2. LIterary Genre
      1. The Plough and the Stars
        1. Described as a 'tragedy in four acts'
          1. A tragi-comedy which combines elements of both tragedy and comedy without belonging fully to either genre
            1. O'Casey shares the views of various classes of people who were in the country at the time of the Easter Rising through skillfully created characters
              1. The use of irony contributes to the comedy e.g. when Bessie and Gogan defend their ideals but proceed to join the forces when looting commences
                1. There is no single plot but rather developments structured around the themes concerning the clash of opposing ideals
                  1. Authenticity of the characters is shown by the famous Dublin dialect which is shown very well by O'Casey in this play e.g. adding unnecessary s's and words like shutterin' and thwartin'
                  2. The KIng's Speech
                    1. Based on factual historical events as opposed to O'Casey's fictional depiction of a historical event
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