The Cone-Gatherers Quotes


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The Cone-Gatherers Quotes
  1. The Tree Symbol
    1. "The overspreading tree of revulsion in him"
      1. "Do you really, he thought, see this tree growing and spreading in my mind? And its fruits madness?"
        1. "He was like a tree still straight, still showing green leaves; but underground death was creeping along the roots."
          1. "what Duror heard was a roaring within him, as if that tree of hated and revulsion was being tossed by a gale."
            1. "his triumph was become a handful of withered leaves."
              1. "She had not seen him suddenly grow enormous and loom over her like a tree falling..."
              2. Good Vs Evil
                1. "Roderick knew that the struggle between good and evil never rested: in the world, and in every human being, it went on. The war was an enormous example. Good did not always win."
                  1. DUROR
                    1. "icy sweat of hatred"
                      1. "God knew how many inhibitions, repressions, complexes were twisting and coiling there, like the snakes of damnation."
                        1. "Why not therefore add this shade to the encompassing darkness?"
                          1. "For many years his life had been stunted, misshapen, obscene and hideous and this misbegotten creature was its personification."
                            1. "he kept smiling as he thought how LRC's displeasure with the cone-gatherers was as a rose thorns to the tiger's claws of aversion."
                              1. "The most evil presence of all."
                              2. CALUM
                                1. "His arms were loose and dangled in macabre gestures of supplication. Though he smiled he was dead."
                                  1. "He was as indigenous as squirrel or bird."
                                    1. "He shared the suffering of the rabbit."
                                      1. "You're better and wiser than any of them."
                                        1. "closer,it seemed, to the blue sky"
                                          1. "In the tree here was Calum's happiness"
                                        2. Class Conflict
                                          1. "They were to be like insects, not bees or ants which could sting and bite, but tiny flies which could do no harm."
                                            1. "We didn't treat them fairly."
                                              1. "A lifetime of frightened submissiveness held it down."
                                                1. "We could've perished in the storm, for all she cared. Was that not murder?"
                                                  1. "Yonder's a house with fifty rooms...every one of them three times the size of our hut, and nearly all of them empty."
                                                    1. "We're human beings just like them"
                                                      1. "There was room for all of us mother"
                                                      2. LRC
                                                        1. "Duror, who knew her well, had been afraid that in her presence he might be ashamed or inspired into abandoning his scheme against the cone gatherers."
                                                          1. "Indeed, Duror often associated religion not with the smell of pinewood pews or damp bibles, but rather with her perfume, so elusive to describe."
                                                            1. "was fond of pointing out, with affection, but without sympathy, the contradiction between her emulation of Christ and her eminence as a baronet's wife."
                                                              1. "What do you make of this absurdity Duror?"
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