5.1 Electron Structure


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5.1 Electron Structure
  1. Atomic Orbitals
    1. Different types of orbital
      1. An orbital is a region that can hold up to two electrons, with opposite spins
      2. S-orbitals
        1. hold 2 electrons
          1. Each shell from the first one holds one s-orbital
            1. The greater the shell number n, the greater the radius of its s-orbital
              1. Electron cloud in the shape of a sphere
              2. P-orbitals
                1. Electron cloud in the shape of a dumb-bell
                  1. Three separate p-orbitals at right angles to one another each that can hold one or two electrons
                    1. The greater the shell number n, the further the p-orbital is from the nulceus
                    2. D-orbitals and F-orbitals
                      1. Each shell from the third shell contains FIVE D-orbitals
                        1. Each shell from the fourth shell contains SEVEN F-orbitals
                        2. In the spec you have to state the number of electrons in the first 4 shells
                          1. Shell 1
                            1. 2
                              1. Shell 2
                                1. Shell 3
                                  1. Shell 4
                                    1. 32
                                    2. 18
                                    3. 8
                                2. Blocks in the periodic table
                                  1. s-block: Highest energy electrons in the s-sub-shell (left block of two groups)
                                    1. p-block: Highest energy electrons in the p-sub-shell (right block of 6 groups)
                                      1. d-block: Highest energy electron sin the d-sub-shell (centre block of 10 groups)
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