Habitat Destruction


GCSE Biology Mind Map on Habitat Destruction, created by Leann McLeod on 07/04/2016.
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Leann McLeod
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Habitat Destruction
  1. Why?
    1. Extraction of Natural Resources
      1. Fossil Fuels
        1. Coal
          1. Oil
            1. Natural Gas
            2. Metal Ores
            3. Increased Land Area for...
              1. Growing crops
                1. Farming Livestock
                  1. Housing
                    1. Making furniture
                      1. Build homes
                      2. Road Making
                    2. How?
                      1. Deforestation
                        1. Definition
                          1. The cutting down of large numbers of trees
                          2. Effects
                            1. Loss of tropical rainforests
                              1. Soil Erosion
                                1. Difficult for the Rainforest to regrow
                                2. Flooding
                                  1. Loss of a habitat for animals
                                    1. Flora and Fauna Endangerment
                                    2. Affects water Cycle
                                      1. Less trees to perform transpiration
                                        1. Less water goes into the atmosphere
                                          1. Air becomes drier
                                            1. Less rain falls
                                              1. Difficult for farmers to crow crops and raise cattle
                                      2. Increase of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
                                    3. Alter Food Webs
                                      1. Humans can have a negative impact
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