Treaty of Versailles (1919)


Mind map showing the four main areas of the Treaty of Versailles and the general reactions of the German citizens.
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Treaty of Versailles (1919)
  1. Territorial Losses (Land)
    1. The Rhineland was demilitarised.
      1. The Saar (with rich cornfields) was given to France for 15 years.
        1. Alsace-Lorraine was given back to France
          1. All of Germany's colonies had been taken and given to France and Britain.
            1. Lands in eastern Germany given to Poland (in the Polish Corridor.
            2. War Guilt Clause (Blame)
              1. Germany was responsible for starting the war and ALL damage &loss caused by it.
                1. The Germans hated this becase they believed other countries were to blame.
              2. Military Terms (Army)
                1. Army reduced 100,000 soldiers
                  1. Germans would feel threatened as they would have less protection. It also led to unemploymeny.
                  2. 6 battleships
                    1. no airforce
                      1. no submarines
                      2. Reparations (Money)
                        1. Germany would have to pay reparations - £132 billion gold marks
                          1. Germans would feel worried as they were damaged as well.
                        2. League of Nations (Blame)
                          1. Germany was not allowed to join the Leauge of Nations
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