Sociological Perspectives


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Sociological Perspectives
  1. Traditional Marxists perspective on the family
    1. Structural perspective on the family
      1. Do not regard nuclear family as functionally necessary
        1. Family contributes to the maintenance of society's structure
        2. The nuclear family is concerned with teaching its members to submit to the capitalist class
          1. Emphasises the way the family reproduces unequal relationships
            1. Engles (1820-1895)
              1. Monogamous nuclear family developed as a means of passing on private property to heirs
                1. Women's position in this family wasn't much different from that of a prostitute
                  1. Provided sex and heirs in return for the economic security that her husband offered
                2. Althusser(1971)
                  1. In order for capitalism to survive the working class must submit to the ruling class (bourgeoisie)
                    1. Family is one of the main means (and education system) of passing on ideology (ideas and beliefs)
                    2. Criticisms
                      1. A bit old fashioned
                        1. Women now work and have independent incomes
                          1. In some cases they are more successful than men
                            1. Women less likely to marry for economic security
                            2. People are now more likely to marry for love and affection rather than a social obligation
                          2. Functionalist perspective on the family
                            1. See the family as a vital 'organ' in maintaining body of society
                              1. Such as like the heart is important to maintain a human body
                                1. Different parts of family work together to maintain society
                                2. Murdock believes there are 4 main functions of the family
                                  1. Sexual
                                    1. Express sexuality in socially approved way
                                      1. Including disapproval to incest, adultery etc
                                    2. Reproduction
                                      1. Family provide some stability for the reproduction and rearing of children
                                      2. Socialization
                                        1. Family's important unit of primary socialization
                                          1. Children learn socially acceptable behaviour and culture of their society
                                          2. Helps to build the shared ideas and beliefs (value consensus)
                                            1. Functionalists believe important to maintain a stable society
                                          3. Economic
                                            1. Family provides food and shelter for family members
                                          4. Parsons (1951)
                                            1. Examined family life in the 1950's
                                              1. Argued there are 2 basic functions of the family
                                                1. Primary socialization of children
                                                  1. Learning and internalization of society's culture
                                                    1. Eg the language, history and values of society
                                                    2. Believes socialization is so powerful so becomes part of individuals personality
                                                      1. Argues only the family can provide emotional warmth and security
                                                      2. Stabilization of human personalities
                                                        1. Family helps to stabllize personalities by the sexual division of labour
                                                          1. Women have expressive role (providing warmth, security and emotional support)
                                                            1. Male has instrumental role (family breadwinner, leads to stress and anxiety)
                                                      3. Feminists
                                                        1. Marxist Feminist
                                                          1. The social reproduction of labour power
                                                            1. The family provides a place where children can be born and raised with a sense of security
                                                              1. The ruling class is supplied with a readily available and passive labour force for its factories and offices
                                                                1. Family achieves this in 3 ways
                                                                  1. Providing a place for eating, drinking and relaxing, helping to ensure that members of the workforce are able to go to work each day
                                                                    1. Producing and maintaining labour which is free of cost to capitalists
                                                                      1. Socializing children into the dominant ideas in society
                                                                  2. Family is a social institution responsible for reproduction responsible for the reproduction of labour power for capitalism
                                                                  3. Radical Feminist
                                                                    1. See patriarchy as main obstacle to women's freedom
                                                                      1. System of male power and dominance
                                                                      2. Attack the notion of the symmetrical family put forward by Young and Willmott
                                                                        1. Women more likely to be the victims of domestic violence
                                                                        2. Family is a social institution responsible for the reproduction of unequal roles for women and men
                                                                          1. Socializes children into traditional gender roles
                                                                            1. Men are 'breadwinners'
                                                                              1. Women have the responsibility for housework and childcare
                                                                              2. Family is an oppressive institution that only benefits men
                                                                                1. Oppresses and exploits women
                                                                                  1. There is a 'dark side' to family life that includes violence and abuse against women and children
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