Computing - OCR - GCSE - Flowcharts


GCSE Computing Mind Map on Computing - OCR - GCSE - Flowcharts, created by Josh Anderson on 22/02/2016.
Josh Anderson
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Josh Anderson
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Computing - OCR - GCSE - Flowcharts
  1. Process
    1. Rectangular
      1. Used to show what is to be done.
      2. Output/Input
        1. Parallelogram
          1. Used to show that a value needs to be input or output.
          2. Decision
            1. Diamond/Rhombus
              1. Used to show that a decision will be made.
              2. Extra features
                1. Start/Stop
                  1. Rounded rectangle
                    1. Used to show where the flowchart begins or ends.
                    2. Subroutine
                      1. A separate flowchart inside a flowchart which is used as a function. A flowchart that can be called on repeatedly.
                        1. Rectangular
                        2. Join
                          1. Used to connect two sections of one flowchart.
                            1. Two circles
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