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Study Plan for Bruce College Students _ Leaving Cert - Higher Level
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Study Plan
  1. Day Time Study
    1. Calculate study hours available between classes and write down total hours
      1. Assign Day time study times to subjects


        • This should be based as much as possible on scheduled class during the day . Prioritise more challenging subjects
    2. Evening Study
      1. Calculate total hours available


        • Make sure to take into account travel hours , interests & hobbies, meal times and breaktimes
        1. After assigning daytime study hours now assign evening study hours
      2. Weekend Study
        1. Calculate hours


          • Weekend study includes after hours study on a Friday
          1. Divide time among subjects
        2. Holiday Study
          1. October Mid Term
            1. 9 Days off, Schedule at least 5 days for revision study , 4/5 hours per day
            2. Feb Mid Term
              1. 9 Days, Some Mock exams Scheduled during this week
              2. Easter & Christmas
                1. 2 weeks = 24 days, Allow for 6 full days off, Generally Schedule 5/6 hours of study each day
                  1. Revision course = 5 days, Daytime study available during this time


                    • A student can combine 3 subjects plus3 hours of study each day
                2. During Exams
                  1. Prepare separate schedule in advance of Exams


                    • Many students will have a considerable amount of time available between exams.

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