Investigate what are the main functions of an operating system?


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Investigate what are the main functions of an operating system?
  1. Booting the computer
    1. Booting is a startup sequence that start the operating system of a computer when it is turned on.
      1. A boot sequence is the initial set of operations that the computer performs when it is switched on.
      2. Provides a user interface
        1. graphical user interfaces accept input via devices such as a computer keyboard and mouse and provide articulated graphical output on the computer monitor.
          1. A user interface is also called "UI" or simply an "Interface" it means someone controls a software application.
          2. Provides file managments
            1. folders and files may be displayed in a tree based on their directory structure. some files managers contain features inspired by web browsers, including forward and back navigational buttons. some file managers provide network connectivity via protocols, such as FTP, NFS, SMB or webDAV.
            2. Handles system resources
              1. Resources, or system resources, is any physical or virtual component of limited ability within a computer system. Every device connected to a computer system in a resources. every internal system component is a resource.
              2. Performs basic computer tasks
                1. What would happen if a computer did not have an operating system?
                  1. If you deleted the main operating system then your computer would still work but it wouldnt as well because the computer wouldnt beable to do anything.
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