Components of An Operating System - Jason Madappattu


Make a mind map on the components of an operating system
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Components of An Operating System - Jason Madappattu
  1. Security
    1. Set up a firewall
      1. Provide a means of enforcement
        1. Decides between authorized and unauthorized usage/access
        2. File Management
          1. Directory creation and deletion
            1. Files onto secondary storage
              1. Disk scheduling
                1. Storage allocation
                  1. Free space management
                  2. File backup
                    1. Editing files and its parameters
                      1. File creation and deletion
                      2. Main Memory Management
                        1. Determines what process to lead when space is available
                          1. Allocate and deallocate memory
                            1. Track memory being used and by whom
                            2. I/O Management
                              1. Drivers for specific hardware devices
                                1. Device driver interface
                                  1. Buffer-cache system
                                  2. Process Management
                                    1. Process creation and deletion
                                      1. Process suspension and resumption
                                        1. Provision of mechanisms
                                          1. Process Synchronization
                                            1. Process Communication
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