Operating Systems


Operating Systems
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Booting the computer booting a computer is to load an operating system into the computer's main memory or random access memory (RAM).
Basic computer tasks Update your anti-virus software. Creating shortcuts. Installing programs. Backing up DATA (as opposed to the actual program. Data is the bit you added.) Download a nice graphic from the net and use it as wallpaper. Save, Remove and Organize Bookmarks/Favorites. Make separate folders for Bookmarks/Favorites. Make separate folders for e-mail, and can drag & drop messages as required.
user interface A user interface, also called a "UI" or simply an "interface," is the means in which a person controls a software application or hardware device.
Provides file management A file manager or file browser is a computer program that provides a user interface to manage files and folders.
Handles system resources The Handle System is a technology specification for assigning, managing, and resolving persistent identifiers for digital objects and other resources on the Internet.
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