Fats and Oils


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Fats and Oils
  1. Fats
    1. Protect organs from shock & injury
      1. Promote healthy skin
        1. Insulate the body
          1. Provide 9 calories per gram
            1. Definition: A nutrient that is essential for body energy, insulation & protection
              1. Great source of back-up energy after carbohydrates
                1. Most concentrated source of energy
                  1. Carries vitamin A, D, E, K
                    1. Trans fat can cause heart disease
                      1. Visible fat is fat you can see with your eyes
                      2. Oils
                        1. Definition: Fats that are liquid at room temperature
                          1. Fish
                            1. Plants
                            2. Cholesterol
                              1. Fat-like substance in our blood
                                1. Found in animal tissues, never plants
                                  1. Needed for many body processes
                                    1. Too much is linked to heart disease & obesity
                                      1. HDL- Healthy
                                        1. LDL- Unhealthy
                                        2. Fatty Acids
                                          1. Saturated, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated
                                            1. Saturdated Fatty Acids usually come from animal sources
                                              1. Need to transport molecules such as fat-soluble vitamins
                                                1. Vitamins ADEK only dissolve in fatty acids
                                                  1. Polyunsaturated found in veggies & fish. Stored in room temperature
                                                  2. Monounsaturated are semi solid or liquid at room temperature
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