Andrew Mitchell | Cooking Methods


Andrew Mitchell | Cooking methods mind maps for foods/cooking class.
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Andrew Mitchell | Cooking Methods
  1. Dry Heat
    1. Using Direct or In-Direct Heat
      1. Foods May Lose Moisture
        1. Add Moisture By:
          1. Barding
            1. Larding
              1. Marinating
        2. Apply Direct Heat
          1. Without Fat
            1. Broiling
              1. Grilling
                1. Roasting
                  1. Baking
                  2. With Fat And Oil
                    1. Sauteing
                      1. Pan-Frying
                        1. Stir-Frying
                          1. Deep-Frying
                          2. BONUS: Butter
                          3. Broiling
                            1. Uses high heat from a source located above the food to cook it rapidly
                            2. Grilling
                              1. Cooked on a grill above the heat source
                              2. Roasting & Baking
                                1. Cook food with heat dry heat in the oven
                                2. Sauteing
                                  1. Cooks a small amount of fat over moderately high heat
                                  2. Deep-Frying
                                    1. Requires the food to be battered and completely submerged in hot oil until it is done
                                    2. Stir-fry
                                      1. Uses high amount of heat, with a small amount of fat
                                      2. Pan Fry
                                        1. Uses a small amount of fat with less intense heaat
                                        2. Moist Heat Cooking Methods
                                          1. Boiling, Simmering, Poaching, Blanching, Steaming
                                          2. Simmering
                                            1. Requires the food to be completely submerged in a liquid in medium heat
                                            2. Boiling
                                              1. Cook in water over medium heat
                                              2. Poaching
                                                1. Cook over low heat
                                                2. Blanching
                                                  1. Partially Cooks Food
                                                  2. Steaming
                                                    1. Cooks food by surrounding it with steam
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