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Digital Citizenship
  1. Privacy and Security
    1. Anything can be stolen
      1. Watch out for and phishing and ID theifs
      2. Never trust someone you don't know
        1. They may just want your personal information
        2. Need control over your computer
        3. Creative Credit and Copyright
          1. Anyone can take credit for your work
            1. If taking someone's work, give them credit
              1. You can get in trouble if you don't
              2. Copyrights are usually limited
              3. Information Literacy
                1. Need for information online
                  1. Identify the issue or problem at hand
                  2. Self-Image and Identity
                    1. Remember who you are online
                      1. Behave like you do in real-life
                      2. Getting caught up online may not always be a good thing
                      3. Internet Safety
                        1. You are not always safe online
                          1. It is good to have a firewall
                          2. There are millions of hackers out there
                            1. Don't ever give your passwords out
                            2. Digital Footprint and Reputation
                              1. Anyone can see what you have done in the past
                                1. Remember to think before you post
                                2. A digital footprint is the data that is left behind by users on digital services
                                3. Cyberbullying
                                  1. Over 80% of teens in the U.S use a cell phone regularly, this increases the rate of cyberbullying
                                    1. But awareness has also gone up for Cyberbullying
                                    2. Cyberbullying is the use of techonlogy to harm another
                                    3. Relationships and Communication
                                      1. There are a lot more ways to communicate than before
                                        1. New things like Facebook, Skype and even Twitter
                                          1. Can communicate to anyone in the world with Wi-Fi
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