Earth Science


Earth Science
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Earth Science
  1. Earth Layers
    1. The Crust
      1. Line layer we live on. 2 main types- Old (continential) and new (oceanic)
        1. the continential is lighter and always rides above oceanic, when they collide
          1. When plates collide the oceanic goes under and remelts- trenches volcanoes.
            1. Oceanic+Continental plate.
            2. Inner Core, Outer Core, Mantle, and Crust
            3. New Oceanic Plate Forming
              1. Hot mantle rising.
                1. Spread the existing oceanic plate
                  1. Mantle rock melts (less pressure) forms new plate
                  2. Words needed for plate tectonics
                    1. Plate Tectoincs
                      1. Name for theory of earth being made of moving segments
                      2. Continental Drift
                        1. Theory on main old continental plates drifting
                        2. Subduction Zone
                          1. When a continental plate meets and oceanic. Oceanic drives under and remelts
                        3. Volcanoes
                          1. In NZ this would been the most well known activity associated with plate boundaries
                            1. Why do they Occur?
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