Leisure and Tourism


Key sections about Unit One for Edexcel Leisure and Tourism GCSE
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Leisure and Tourism
  1. 4 P's
    1. Price
      1. What price are you going to sell the product for?
      2. Product
        1. What is the product that you are going to sell?
        2. Place
          1. Where is this going to be sold?
          2. Promotion
            1. How are you going to promote this product?
          3. Five key components of the leisure industry.
            1. CHAPS
              1. Country Side Recreation
                1. Examples include horse riding and photography
                2. Home- Based leisure
                  1. Examples include reading and listening to music
                    1. As well as watching television.
                  2. Arts and Entertainment
                    1. Examples include going to the theatre or going to the cinema
                    2. Play and Activity based leisure
                      1. Mums and tots group.
                      2. Sport and physical Recreation
                        1. Swimming or going to the gym.
                    3. Six key components of the tourism industry.
                      1. TATOTIOAT
                        1. Travel Agents
                          1. Thomas Cook
                          2. Tour Operators
                            1. Trailfinders
                            2. Tourist Information
                              1. These are found all over
                              2. Online Travel Services
                                1. Trainline.com
                                2. Transportation
                                  1. Air, Rail, Road, Sea
                                  2. Accommodation + Catering
                                    1. Bed and Breakfast etc
                                3. Accommodation and Catering
                                  1. All inclusive
                                    1. Self catering
                                      1. Half Board
                                      2. Why do people Travel?
                                        1. Sightseeing
                                          1. To see a certain building or monument that is famous or special.
                                          2. Educational Purposes
                                            1. School Trips
                                            2. Visiting family + Friends
                                              1. This may be a visit or for a special occasion.
                                              2. Holidays
                                                1. This is a break that usually consists of more than one night away.
                                                2. Tourist Attractions
                                                  1. Eg - The poppies at the tower of London.
                                                  2. Business Travels
                                                    1. This is usually paid by the business.
                                                  3. Health and Safety
                                                    1. COSHH
                                                      1. Control of substances hazardous to health.
                                                      2. RIDDOR
                                                        1. Reporting of injuries,diseases and dangerous occurrings regulations
                                                        2. On Holiday
                                                          1. Food and water - Are these clean and kept in a safe environment
                                                            1. Medication - Make sure medication is kept safe.
                                                          2. Tourism
                                                            1. Tourism is 'any travel which involves an overnight stay away from home' whilst ' day trips' to visitor attracts for example are part of the leisure industry.
                                                            2. Chain of distributions.
                                                              1. Accommodation - Attractions - Transport
                                                                1. Tour Operators
                                                                  1. Travel Agents
                                                                    1. Customer
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