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maths: ALGEBRA
    1. 6x + 3y - 7 + 2y in this formula their are four terms 6x, 3y,7 and 2x


      • these terms are connected by + and - signs
      • terms such as 2x,x and 5x are called LIKE TERMS


      • always keep the operation in the formula
      • Operation: a word for these signs altogether +,-,x and division sign
      1. E.G 6(x + 5) you would work this formula out by multiplying the numbers outside of the bracket with the letters or numbers inside the brackets. the answer is : 6x + 30
      2. Factorising
        1. e.g. 10x +15 = 5 (2x + 3) - step one : find the HCF - the largest number/ letter that will go into a term and put it outside the bracket - step two : work out what to multiply this number by to get each term
        2. substitution
          1. e.g. p=3 r=7 answer - p+ r = 3+7= 10
            1. p* + r* answer - 3* + 7* the severn to the power of two = 7x7 so the sum becomes 9 + 49 = 58


              • the * stand for power of in this case power of 2
            2. deriving a simple formula
              1. e.g. plumber £50 call out and £25 per hour to work this out you would put this columns the first column is number of hours the second column cost of hours which is the money per hour so you would multiply the hour and cost per hour together then your next column is the call out charge then finally the total cost -


                1. so the answer will be C = 25h + 50
              2. solving equations
                1. these examples of brackets tell us what we do to both sides 1. x + 5 = 12 so we subtract 5 away from x so x is on its own but we have to do the same to the other side so 12 - 5 = 7 so the answer is x = 7
                2. rearranging formulae
                  1. in orange book will help understand
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