Chapter 5: Algebra


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Chapter 5: Algebra
  1. The laws of arithmetic
    1. Commutative Law
      1. Addition and subtraction are commutative operations
        1. Multiplication and division aren't
          1. Says that you can operate with two numbers in reverse order
          2. Associative Law
            1. Addition and multiplication are associative
              1. Division and subtraction aren't
                1. Says that when operating with more than two numbers you can group them in any way
              2. The distributive law
                1. Multiply the number outside the grouping systems by each term inside
                  1. You can multiply a number by splitting it into the sum of other numbers
                  2. Variables
                    1. A letter that stands for a number
                      1. An algebraic equation is an expression that has pronumerals in it
                      2. From words to algebraic expressions
                        1. Use variables to covert worded expressions into algebraic expressions
                        2. Substitution
                          1. Substitution one thing with another
                            1. In algebra it means to replace the pronumeral with a number to evaluate an algebraic expression
                            2. Equations
                              1. Rule: An equation always has an equal sign
                                1. Can use "guess and check"
                                  1. Solution given by value of x
                                  2. One-step equations
                                    1. Backtracking method
                                      1. Balancing method
                                      2. Two-step equations
                                        1. Equation problems

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