Physics - Electricity


National Five physics electricity unit summarised.
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Physics - Electricity
  1. Charge
    1. When a charge is placed near a charged object, it will experiance a force.
      1. 1C=1As-1
      2. Conductors
        1. Metals, carbon
        2. Insulators
          1. Glass, plastic, wood
          2. current is the flow of electrons
            1. 1A= 1Cs-1
            2. Voltage is the amount of electrical energy given to electrons by the battery
              1. 1V=1JC-1
              2. Resistance is material opposes current
                  1. V=IR
                    1. The higher the resistance the smaller the current
                    2. Series circuit
                      1. The current is the same at different positions
                        1. Vs=V1+V2+V3
                          1. Rt=R1+R2+R3
                          2. Parallel circuit
                            1. I=I1+I2+I3
                              1. The voltage across the resistors is the same
                                1. 1/Rt=1/R1+1/R2+1/R3
                                2. Changes energy into electrical energy
                                  1. Microphone
                                    1. Thermocouple
                                      1. Solar cell
                                        1. Thermistor
                                          1. LDR
                                          2. Changes electrical energy into different energy
                                            1. Loudspeaker
                                              1. Motor
                                                1. Lamp
                                                  1. LED
                                                  2. A capacitor is a device which can store charge
                                                    1. Transistors
                                                      1. MOSFET
                                                        1. Turns on at 2V
                                                          1. NPN
                                                            1. Turns on at 0.7 V
                                                            2. Power is the change of energy over time
                                                              1. Mains supply is 230V
                                                                1. P=E/T
                                                                  1. 1W=1J/S
                                                                2. AC is current that travels in both directions
                                                                  1. 50HZ in Britain
                                                                    1. Current changes direction 50 times per second
                                                                  2. Direct current is when current flows in one direction
                                                                    1. R1/R2=V1/V2
                                                                      1. conduction is heat transfer in solids
                                                                        1. convection- liquids and gases
                                                                          1. Work done is when energy changes into another form of energy
                                                                            1. Ew=Fxd
                                                                            2. Pessure is the force an object exerts over an area
                                                                              1. P=F/a
                                                                              2. P1/T1=P2/T2
                                                                                1. P1V1=P2V2
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