Pied Beauty - Gerald Manley Hopkins


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Pied Beauty - Gerald Manley Hopkins
  1. Structure
    1. Rhyme pattern ABCABCABCAC
      1. Shows diversification
        1. different hierarchies of the world
          1. God is unpredictable
          2. Lines are indented
            1. indicates variety
              1. Link to rhyme pattern
            2. Language techniques
              1. Alliteration
                1. "swift, slow;sweet, sour; adazzle, dim"
                  1. The semi-colon separated antonym pairs of words
                  2. "fickle, freckled"
                    1. Fickle= frequently change
                      1. brings about new things at which we can marvel
                      2. "freckled" = dotted
                      3. "couple-colour"
                        1. "fresh-firecoal"
                        2. Listing
                          1. Describing the nature decorated by God's hand
                        3. The idea of diversification in the poem
                          1. "Pied"
                            1. 2 or more different colors
                              1. Variations, each of animals or nature elements with two different pairs of colours
                            2. "Dappled"
                              1. marked with spots/round patches
                                1. God is decorating nature, nature is God's work of art
                                  1. Different word that talks about the same thing = the weaving together of diverse things into a pleasing and coherent whole
                              2. "Brinded"
                                1. Streaked with different colors
                                2. "stipple"
                                  1. mark with small dots
                                3. Religious
                                  1. "Glory be to God"
                                    1. giving praise
                                      1. shows appreciation for what he've done for nature(in the poem)
                                      2. "Praise him"
                                        1. Jesuits
                                          1. Finds god in all things
                                            1. The poet finds god in nature
                                            2. Dedicated themselves "greater glory of God", the good of all humanity
                                              1. Praise God always
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