(2)Types of democracy's


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(2)Types of democracy's
  1. Direct Democracy
    1. Benefits
      1. Genuine democracy
        1. ensure that people are more like to obey the laws they make themselve
          1. Try freedom determine there collect destiny
          2. Personal development
            1. creates informed and knowledgeable citizens
            2. End of processional politicals
              1. Reduces or ends, self-serving professional politicians
              2. Legitimates government
                1. Direct democracy ensures that rule is legitimate, in the sense that people are more likely to accept decisions that they have made themselves.
              3. Negatives
                1. Direct democracy only achieve in relatively small communities.
                  1. Direct democracy means that politics is the job for all citizen's, restricting their ability to carry out other duties and activates.
                    1. Low turn out
                      1. Minority groups will always lose out because of the majority vote
                    2. Representative Democracy
                      1. Negatives
                        1. Representative Democracy always means that there is a gulf between the government and the people.
                          1. To much faith in politicians, who are always liable to distort public opinion
                            1. The government may believe that the people are not informed/ incompetent to make key decisions
                            2. Benefits
                              1. Only form of democracy that can operative in large, modern society
                                1. Government by experts
                                  1. Places decisions making in the hands of politicians who have better education and greater experience
                                  2. Division of labour in politics
                                    1. More effective because ordinary citizens are relieved of the burden of day-to-day decision making.
                                    2. Political stability
                                      1. Maintain political stability by helping to distance ordinary citizens from politics, thereby encourage them to accept compromise. A certain level of apathy is helpful in maintaining political stability
                                    3. Parliamentary democracy
                                      1. A form of democracy that operates though a popular elected deliberative assembly, which establishes an indirect link between government and the governed
                                        1. It creates a system of representative and responsible government
                                          1. It balances popular participatrion against elite rule
                                            1. Government is accountable not direct to the public but to the public elected representative
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