(1) Political Ideologies


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(1) Political Ideologies
  1. The Left believe in:
    1. Relaxed approach to government borrowing
      1. State economic planning and nationalisation
        1. Pro EU
          1. Redistribution of income
            1. Strong trade unions, protected rights for workers
              1. Extensive welfare state
                1. Stress on equal rights
                  1. Pro-multiculturalism
                    1. State is justified in intervening to create social change
                      1. Liberal attitude to crime and its remedies
                      2. The Centre believe in:
                        1. Largely free market economy with some state regulation
                          1. Pragmatic approach to government borrowing to stimulate economic growth
                            1. Strong welfare system but targeted at most needy
                              1. Pro EU
                                1. Mild redistribution of income with poverty relief
                                  1. Tolerance of minorities
                                    1. Tolerant attitude on moral issues
                                      1. Liberal attitude to crime and its remedies
                                      2. The Right believe in:
                                        1. No state intervention in the economy
                                          1. Strong support for totally free markets
                                            1. Anti EU
                                              1. Verylow levels of taxation
                                                1. Protectionism for domestic industries
                                                  1. Pro free trade
                                                    1. Avoidance of exessive government borrowing to stimulate growth
                                                      1. Freelabour markets with weak protection for workers
                                                        1. Low tolerance on moral issues
                                                          1. Very limited welfare system, targeted at a small minority
                                                            1. Authoritarian attitude to crime
                                                              1. Anti immigration, asylum seeking and multiculturalism
                                                              2. What does Conservatism mean
                                                                1. Conservatism is an ideology that is defined by a "desire to conserve". Its has tradtionally been suspicious of abstract principles or developed theories, prederring instead to place its faith in tradition, experience and history. The defining values of Conservativism are:
                                                                  1. Tradition - respect for ideas, practices and institutions that have been passed down from one generation to the next
                                                                    1. Human imperfection - the belief that people are security-seeking creatures and also morally flawed
                                                                      1. Hierarchy and authority - "top-down" social organization is natural and benefical
                                                                      2. There are two kinds of conservatism in the UK:
                                                                        1. One Nation conservatism
                                                                          1. Thatcherite conservatism
                                                                        2. What does Socialism mean
                                                                          1. Socialism is anideology that covers beliefs ranging from revolutionary communism to reformist social democeracy. The central idea of socialism is that people are social creaures who are bound together by a common humanity. The defining values of tradtional socialism are:
                                                                            1. Fraternity - literally, brotherhood; bonds of sympathy and comradeship between people
                                                                              1. Cooperation - a preference for people working together rather than competing with one another
                                                                                1. Equality - the desire to abolish or at least reduce class divions
                                                                                2. There are two main kinds of Socialism:
                                                                                  1. Fundamentalist socialists (Marxists and Communists) believe that capitalism should be abolished and replaced by a based on the collective ownership of wealth
                                                                                    1. Revisionist socialists (social democrats) believe that capitalism should be reformed throught social and economic intervention
                                                                                  2. Left wingers support liberty, equality and state intervation
                                                                                    1. They are usally... progressive in nature, they look to the future, they aim to support those who cannot support them selves, they are idealist and believe in equality
                                                                                      1. People who are left wing believe in... taxation to redistribute opportunities and wealth
                                                                                        1. Things like a NHS and job seekers allowance are fundamentally left wing ideas
                                                                                        2. The UK's main left wing party's are the Labour party and the Green party
                                                                                          1. They believe in making laws that protect women, ethnic minortys and gay people against discrimination
                                                                                            1. They believe that we should tax rich people more to support people less well off, and they believe we should regulate big business so they serve people's interests
                                                                                          2. Right wingers favour order, authority and oppose state intervention
                                                                                            1. They usually... value tradition, survival of the fittest
                                                                                              1. They typical believe that... business shouldn't be regulated, we should look after ourselves, they shouldn't have to pay someone else's eduction or health service, freedoom is necessary to succeed over equality
                                                                                                1. The UK's main right win gparties are the Conservative partys, and UKIP
                                                                                                  1. They believe that if you have more money, you should get to keep it, and buy education and health services for yourself
                                                                                                    1. They believe that businesses should be less regulated and the more money they earn, they'll bring more benefits to the country
                                                                                                      1. In 2008 2/3 of tory MPs did not think climate change was a priority, but their said it was important. They are more likley on focus on energy secrity
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