Sequence of lesson plan


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Sequence of lesson plan
  1. Expansion
    1. In expansion, students learn to relate and transfer strategy use to other tasks, subject areas and aspects of their lives. You may initiate a brainstorming session by sharing with your class different ways you have used a particular learning strategy.
    2. Preparation
      1. In the preparation phase of a lesson that includes learning strategies, you want to activate their background knowledge of the strategies they already use to help them complete a specific task.
      2. Presentation
        1. Name the strategy, explain how to use it, tell when to use it, model it and explain its importance.
        2. Practice
          1. In this part of the lesson, the focus shifts from the instructor as presenter to the students as completers of a designated task. Students work in pairs or small groups on a topicbased task with a specific outcome.
          2. Evaluation
            1. The evaluation phase of the lesson focuses on student self-evaluation of the effectiveness of the strategies they use in accomplishing specific tasks. Students need to find out which learning strategies work best for them on certain tasks and why.
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