A mind map on computers!
Lucy Corlett
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Lucy Corlett
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  1. Hardware
    1. Hardware is the physical parts of a computer
      1. Mouse
        1. Keyboard
          1. Monitor
            1. Headphones
              1. Speaker
                1. Webcam
                  1. CD
                    1. They are usually peripheral, devices that are connected to the computer but are not part of it
                  2. Software
                    1. Software is the programs that can run on a computer
                      1. Word
                        1. Excel
                          1. PowerPoint
                          2. Input, process, output
                            1. Input devices
                              1. Input devices put information into a computer
                              2. Output devices display information from a computer
                                1. Storage devices store information
                                2. Devices for disabled people
                                  1. Sip and puff
                                    1. Uses air pressure to control a wheelchair or other
                                    2. Braille keyboard
                                      1. Instead of letters, it has braille symbols
                                      2. Eye typer
                                        1. Follows the movement of the eye
                                        2. Microphone
                                          1. Listens and types what people are saying
                                        3. Sensors
                                          1. Sensors use some kind of input to perform a task
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