P1 - Describe the hardware components of a computer system


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P1 - Describe the hardware components of a computer system
  1. Motherboard
    1. Form Factor


      • Describes the shape, layout and characteristics of a motherboard. It provides a standard for motherboards. For example, if you buy an ATX form factor motherboard, then you must buy a matching ATX form factor case and PSU to match or they will not be able to fit together. This ensure that as long as the form factor matches for these components, then they should be compatible no matter where you buy them from or what manufacturer you choose for each.
      1. ATX - one of the most common form factors
        1. LPX
          1. ITX
          2. Expansion Slots - used to add additional features to a motherboard by inserting expansion cards
            1. NIC .
              1. Graphics Cards/Video Adapters
            2. CPU
              1. Cache
                1. Hyperthreading
                  1. Multicore
                    1. Silicon
                      1. Transistors
                        1. Instructions
                          1. GHz
                            1. FSB (Front Side Bus)
                            2. Backing Storage
                              1. Case
                                1. Full Tower
                                  1. Mid Tower
                                    1. PSU
                                      1. Slimline Desktop
                                        1. Form Factor


                                          • The for factor of the case i.e ATX must match the form factor of the motherboard for them to be compatible
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