Lord of the Flies major characters


Includes: Detailed analysis of major characters (Ralph, Jack, Simon, Piggy) Quotations to back up points
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Lord of the Flies major characters
  1. RALPH
    1. represents order, leadership + civilisation
      1. "ought to - ought to die before we let the fire out
      2. perceptive
        1. as novel progresses, understands that savagery lives within, inherent evil present
          1. notices decline in communication/verbal ability
          2. charismatic
            1. power + influence secure at beginning, still shaped by society's guidelines
              1. holds the conch, emblem of adult authority
            2. morality imposed by society
              1. "eyes that proclaimed no devil."
                1. "That was murder"
                2. "striving unsuccessfully to convey majesty of adult life
                3. JACK
                  1. dominant
                    1. rejects Ralph's authority + imposed rules
                      1. manipulates their fears, instrument of power
                        1. "the Chief has spoken"
                          1. "Choir! Stand still!"
                            1. controls boys through violence, they embrace it
                            2. violent
                              1. longer he spends on island, surrounded by temptations of a society ruled by the strongest(physically) becomes more savage
                                1. "awesome stranger"
                                  1. "the madness came into his eyes again"
                                    1. "Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood"
                                  2. represents militarism + anarchy (no rules), represents desire/greed for power
                                    1. "We don't need the conch any more"
                                      1. represents demons/devil
                                        1. "a stain in the darkness, a stain that was Jack"
                                          1. feel powerful and exalted
                                            1. arrogant
                                              1. "I ought to be chief"
                                            2. "wedded to her in lust"
                                          2. "sat there like an idol"
                                        2. SIMON
                                          1. shy/silent
                                            1. represents spiritual side of human nature + neutral force, idea of essential human goodness
                                              1. deep affinity w/ nature
                                                1. "water rose further and dressed Simon's coarse hair w/ brightness
                                            2. symbol of pure goodness
                                              1. brutal murder indicates the scarcity of that good amongst abundance of evil (sow head on stake symbolises evil)
                                                1. "Simon found for them the fruit they could not reach"
                                                  1. feeding of the 5000, Judeo - Christian allegory
                                              2. name means "he whom God has heard" indicates depth of spirituality
                                                1. intelligent/introspective
                                                  1. "Maybe it is only us"
                                                2. PIGGY
                                                  1. dependent
                                                    1. relies too heavily on power of social convection, believes upholding rules gets desirable results
                                                      1. clings to what gives him power, conch
                                                        1. "I got the conch"
                                                        2. inferior
                                                          1. nickname symbolically connects him to pigs- target of Jack and his hunter's bloodlust
                                                            1. Jack's victim, most physically vunerable
                                                              1. "fatty"/"The fat boy"
                                                                1. "Piggy was surrounded before he could back away"
                                                                2. loving/caring
                                                                  1. idolises Ralph like a God, has brother like relationship w/ other boys
                                                                  2. intelligent
                                                                    1. represents rational world
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