Adrian Esteban Sanz
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Adrian Esteban Sanz
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    1. Uniform
      1. Break time
        1. Holidays
          1. Homework
            1. Teachers
              1. Male/Female
                1. Old/Young
                2. You can starts at 3 years old and stay until you are 17 years old
                3. STERROTYPES
                  1. They think that we are very rude
                    1. Go parties
                      1. That we always are sleeping
                        1. That we are lazy
                          1. That we always are dancing sevillanas
                            1. That we only dress with spanish clothes
                            2. Free time
                              1. Watch the tv and play with the mobile phone
                                1. They think that we are always having naps and preparing parties
                                  1. Read
                                    1. Play videogames
                                      1. Chat with friends
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