Resumen sobre las diferentes expresiones que pueden ir con el Presente Perfecto
Gema Fernández Laguna
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Gema Fernández Laguna
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  1. FOR (durante, desde hace)


    • I have lived in this city for ten years
    1. I have lived here FOR ten years
    2. SINCE (desde)
      1. I have lived here SINCE 2006
      2. ALREADY (+ ya)
        1. I have ALREADY read that book
        2. YET (- todavía) (? ya)
          1. I haven't finished the book YET
            1. Have you seen the film YET?
            2. JUST (+ acabar de)
              1. I have JUST finished my homework
              2. STILL (- todavía)
                1. He STILL hasn't written the letter
                2. EVER (? alguna vez)
                  1. Have you EVER played rugby?
                  2. NEVER (+ nunca)
                    1. He has NEVER been to NY.
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