Sales Masters Project Outline


Mindmap of our current sales training and competition for new reps.
Lilian Arruda
Mind Map by Lilian Arruda, updated more than 1 year ago
Lilian Arruda
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Sales Masters Project Outline
  1. Goal: Increase Sales Team Performance in 15% through a powerful training structure and project competition
    1. Success Indicators
      1. 1. Assistance in Training Week
        1. 2. Scores above 85 on training assessment
          1. 3. More than 5 teams enrolled for the competition
            1. 4. Minimum of 80% delivery of each team by the end of the month
              1. 5. Winning team with 100% (or more) goal achievement.
            2. People Responsible
              1. Sales Trainer
                1. Team Buddies
                2. Supporters
                  1. Sales Team Leaders For engagement
                    1. HR for external training contacts
                      1. HR & Finance for Awards and Recognition
                        1. TI for assessments
                        2. Resources
                          1. Room for training
                            1. Room for team meeting
                              1. Projector
                                1. Online Quiz
                                  1. Training Evaluation Survey
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