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  1. To avoid jail Brody Walker will be sanctioned by his lawyer
    1. The former leader of SWAT will be being converted into the Kangaroo (babysit) of movie star Brody
      1. The training center will be wanted to get a group of murderers and mercenaries
        1. Valuable items will be being stored in the cellar of the training center
          1. SWAT police will be covered the cameras to avoid being seen by the enemy
            1. to enter the center, the murderers will be being masqueraded as electricians,police and emergency personnel
              1. Bonds will be copied and saved by Brody
                1. Bombs will be being improvised by david, for greater efectiveness
                  1. Bond will be burned to lure the enemy
                    1. Sully will be being dies protected files
                      1. By alliance with mercenaries will be accused Scott Calloway
                        1. Shot will be being saved David by Brody
                          1. Gina alliance with mercenaries will be discovered by Brody
                            1. Safety glass will be being destroyed to allow the entry of murderers
                              1. A bomb will be inserted into the vest of Ryker by David
                                1. Scott calloway will be being killed by Gina
                                  1. Korver's eye will be removed by david as help to kill him
                                    1. The hacker will be being killed by David
                                      1. Brody will be wounded by korver
                                        1. "Them or eliminated them mercenaries eliminate them before"

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