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ejercicios de traducción voz pasiva
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Someone opened the window. The window was opened.
In summer people eat more ice cream than in winter. In summer more ice cream is eaten than in winter.
Jane's father doesn't take her to school. Jane isn't taken to school by her father.
They kept milk in the refrigerator. Milk was kept in the refrigerator.
Our teacher visited us every week. We were visited by our teacher every week.
They built the new shopping center last year. The new shopping centre was built last year.
They didn't produce that film in Hollywood. That film wasn't produced in Hollywood.
They will build their new house near the sea. Their new house will be built near the sea.
Our team will not win the match. The match won't be won by our team.
The trees were cut down last month. Someone /they cut down the trees last month.
They have not read the book. The book hasn't been read.
Did Peter find the keys? Were the keys found by Peter?
How did he find the solution to the problem? How was the solution to the problem found?
Do scientists do experiments? Are experiments done by scientists?
Does your mum do all the housework? Is all the housework done by your mum?
Are eagles found in Alaska? Do you/they find eagles in Alaska?
Was the accident seen by the police yesterday? Did the police see the accident yesterday?
Where did they open the first underground railway? Where was the first underground railway opened?
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