Study Planning: English


planilha para ajudar a organizar o tempo de estudo.
Wilza França
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Wilza França
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Study Planning: English
  1. Sunday:
    1. 15-17h
      1. Course's activities and issues.
        1. Pages 4 -7 of workbook
    2. Monday:
      1. 19-20h
        1. Improve vocabulary


          • do texts with words of dictionary  can be funny, not problem but you need write new words
          1. Reading and translation of texts in page 8 of wprkbook.pages 4 and 5 of phrase builder
      2. Tuesday:
        1. 19-20h
          1. Practice reading
            1. The Adventures of Lara Cruft. A phrasal verb story in 6 parts.
        2. Wednesday:
          1. 20-21h
            1. Practice listening with music
              1. Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler (Come round, fall apart, give off, go by, hold on, turn around)
                1. When a Man Loves a Woman – Michael Bolton (Give up, hold on, put down, sleep out)
                  1. I Wanna Know What Love Is – Mariah Carey (Look around, think over)
                2. Pratic phrasal verbs-translating
            2. Thursday:
              1. 19-20h
                1. Write texts with the studied phrasal verbs
              2. Friday:
                1. 19-20
                  1. Practice listening with series
                    1. 3 Videos about Phrasal verbs and idioms
                      1. Idioms and phrasal verbs in popular tv-series
                        1. Idioms and phrasal verbs in popular tv-series [PART 2]
                          1. Phrasal Verbs
                2. Sarturday:
                  1. Course
                    1. talking with friends
                  2. Week'sTheme: Continuous verbs forms
                      1. Phrasal verbs
                      2. Second week
                        1. Sites:
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                          Phrasal Verbs
                          GoConqr suporte .
                          Phrasal Verbs II
                          GoConqr suporte .
                          Apresentação em Inglês
                          GoConqr suporte .
                          Todos os verbos irregulares em inglês com tradução
                          Luiz Fernando
                          English General Quiz
                          Luiz Fernando
                          Simulado Inglês
                          Marina Faria
                          LINKING WORDS
                          Gabi Borba
                          Linking Words
                          Raíza Da Cunha
                          Français-Anglais: Salutation / Prèsentation / Politesse
                          Fátima Menezes
                          Língua Inglesa
                          Prepara Palhoça