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Question 1

Once motion picture cameras and projectors were invented, it was only natural that buildings would spring up to display these amazing marvels called movies. And thus, the movie theater was born. At first, anyone could own a movie theater. All you needed was a little cash and some gumption. There weren’t very many movies to play, so it may not have been the best business investment, but you could do it. When the major studios started coming up, they wanted to get in on the action, so they bought their own theaters. This vertical integration was absolutely perfect—the big studios owned the talent on the screen, the costume and set designers, the costumes and sets themselves, the cameras, the editing equipment, the editors, the cafeterias, the musicians, the press relations, and, finally, the theaters. Now, at this point, keep in mind that most people could not go out and make their own damn movie. There were no small, cheap cameras like there are today, and there were no computers on which to edit. So the major studios made all the movies, and then they showed them in the theaters that they owned. It just sucked for anyone else who owned a theater or anyone who didn’t want to work for the studio boss. You know who else didn’t like it? The U.S. government. Apparently, it was illegal. No texto acima, a ideia central pode ser resumida em:
  • Hoje em dia, graças aos avanços tecnológicos e ao barateamento dos meios de produção, qualquer um pode entrar na indústria do cinema.
  • O cinema foi sempre uma indústria extremamente lucrativa, mas vem perdendo espaço ano a ano para a pirataria e a internet.
  • Os grandes estúdios de cinema começaram como fachadas para o crime organizado, antes de sofrerem uma extensa perseguição por parte do governo norte americano.
  • No início da indústria cinematográfica os grandes estúdios controlavam, de forma ilegal, todas as etapas de produção, exibição e comercialização dos filmes.
  • Os estúdios tiveram de se adaptar às regras de censura e classificação etária estipuladas pelas autoridades norte americanas afim de poderem distribuir seus filmes de forma legalizada.

Question 2

O que são "cognatos"?
  • Palavras de origem grega ou latina cuja escrita e pronúncia são bastante similares tanto no português quanto no inglês.
  • Técnicas de leitura subjetiva onde se seleciona trechos onde se quer encontrar determinada informação.
  • Palavras de origem inglesa cujo uso se tornou comum no nosso dia-a-dia.
  • Palavras com duplo sentido.
  • Palavras com pronúncia similar a termos da língua portuguesa, porém com significados completamente diferentes.

Question 3

Identifique abaixo a alternativa que contenha somente estrangeirismos:
  • Nuclear, Shopping, Sundae, Hospital
  • CD-ROM, Screen, Piano, Radio
  • Show, Delivery, Marketing, Mouse
  • Hacker, IPhone, Apple, Nurse
  • Windows, Google, Internet, Banana

Question 4

Unsurprisingly, there isn’t a whole lot that distinguishes this $45 million sequel from its 2002 and 2004 predecessors. When the story picks up near Salt Lake City, Utah, series lead Alice (Milla Jovovich) is traveling through a now decimated world overrun with T-virus-infected zombies (not to mention sand). While Jovovich attempts to stay “off the grid” and evade capture by the villainous Umbrella Corporation, a small convoy of survivors keep moving along the inter-states in fortified vehicles, staying out of the grasp of zombies and searching for precious gasoline. The film certainly drew in general audiences, grossing more than $23 million in its opening weekend, the most profitable premiere yet for the series. Worldwide theatrical totals amounted to nearly $148 million, making some kind of a follow-up a certainty, because, well, we asked for it. A resenha acima trata do filme...
  • Madrugada dos Mortos
  • Zumbilândia
  • Resident Evil: O Hóspede Maldito
  • Resident Evil: Extinção
  • Silent Hill
  • Alice no País das Maravilhas

Question 5

Women are so regularly evaluated in physical terms, it is hardly surprising that much of the gender battle takes place in terms of image. Up to the mid-70s traditional notions of female beauty remained pretty much intact, and even within the excesses of hippiedom a ‘natural’ look was maintained. With punk, leading characters like Vivienne Westwood, Jordan and Siouxsic Sioux systematically set about dismantling these standards, while former 60s beauties such as Marianne Faithfull and the German Velvet Underground chanteusc, Nico, destroyed the looks that had led to their initial success. Beauty, like sex, was debased currency. Com base no texto acima, assinale a opção que contenha apenas COGNATOS:
  • Women, evaluated, place, gender, underground, punk, characters, standards, beauties, currency
  • Physical, terms, gender, battle, image, traditional, notions, intact, natural, destroyed, initial, success, sex
  • Regularly, hardly, surprising, image, notions, female, pretty, excesses, look, leading, debased
  • Evaluated, much, even, with, Jordan, about, dismantling, while, former, german, velvet, faithfull, currency
  • Underground, look, velvet, beauty, hippiedom, remained, pretty, 70s, the

Question 6

Qual das alternativas abaixo é equivalente, na língua inglesa, à expressão "tempestade num como d'água"?
  • Storm in a water cup.
  • Raining in a mug with water inside.
  • Tempest in a teapot.
  • Give with the donkeys on the water.
  • Thunderstruck in a glass of water.

Question 7

O filme "The Graduate", com Dustin Hoffman, foi lançado no Brasil com o título "A Primeira Noite de um Homem". A tradução mais correta, no entanto, seria:
  • O pós-graduado
  • O doutor
  • O bacharel
  • O professor
  • O virgem
  • O universitário

Question 8

Netherlands é o nome em inglês de que país?
  • Normandia
  • Terra do Nunca
  • Dinamarca
  • Nova Zelândia
  • Holanda

Question 9

Assinale a opção que contenha APENAS false cognates.
  • Argument, Costume, Legend, Novel, Retired
  • Stupid, Banana, Radio, Coffee, Pen
  • Hospital, Alliteration, Piano, Block, Paper
  • Brazil, Baby, Broad, Beauty, Business

Question 10

Assinale somente as afirmativas verdadeiras:
  • "Bateria" pode ser traduzido, em inglês, tanto como "battery" quanto como "drums".
  • "Battery" pode ser traduzido, para o português, tanto como "pilha" quanto como "bateria".
  • "Sindicato", em inglês, é traduzido como "Union". Já "Syndicate", quando traduzido para o português, pode significar tanto "organização" quanto "máfia".
  • A comemoração do dia de nascimento de alguém, em inglês, é "Anniversary".
  • "Bomba d'água" pode ser traduzido, para o inglês, como "water bomb".
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