Inglés Mind Map on Recycling, created by Danibel González on 02/12/2014.
Danibel González
Mind Map by Danibel González, updated more than 1 year ago
Danibel González
Created by Danibel González about 9 years ago

Resource summary

  1. Purpose
    1. Help poor people
      1. Give them something in exchange
      2. Educate about it!
        1. Best place to live
        2. Generate money
          1. Containers of garbage sorters
        3. Scope
          1. Guayana City
            1. Venezuela
            2. People
              1. Kids
                1. Young people
                  1. Adults
                    1. Poor people
                  2. Financials
                    1. Create jobs
                      1. The recyclable material can be commercialized
                      2. Timescales
                        1. 3 months
                        2. Risks
                          1. Aphaty
                            1. Loss of interest
                            2. Implementation
                              1. Schools
                                1. Briefings
                                  1. Art projects
                                  2. Home
                                    1. Garbage sorters
                                      1. Publicity
                                        1. Posters
                                          1. Social Networking
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