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  • History of the ocean 
  • time line
  • 150 - 1400 AD - dark ages wouldnt map the sea as they thought it was full of monsters 
  • 500 - 150 AD - greek philosophy - created latitude and longitude for maps 
  • <500 B.C early exploration - mostly middle east 
  • 15th - 16th century - age of discovery - circumnavigtion began
  • 17th - 19th - hydrography and mapping - used in the challenger expedition = ocean science begins 
  • 1872-1876 AD - challenger expedition - the first scientific research vessel - used for plankton trawling 
  • modern research vessels are more like floating laboratories such as the james clark ross - used for antartic studies, on board it has different kinds of deployment - ctd rosette and a optics ring - for water samples and analysis techniques - oxygen, nutrient and green house gas.
  • sampling 
  • sea floor 
  • Benthic lander 
  • sediment corer - used to remove whole sediment = shows layers 
  • mapping 
  • AUV - used for tracking the sea floor 
  • underwater gliders - behind the boat taking  mapp of the bottom 
  • Argo floats - used for upper profiling
  • wave gliders - are used to determine wave frequencie 
  • usefull for non trade root areas 
  • ROVs - used for sampling deep water as no one has to be in it - usefull for all sampling methods 
  • research submarines - underwater sampling 
  • deep sea drilling project and FLIP - floating platform 
  • future - oceanography from space - scans the earth for changes in sediments - also for abiotic factors 
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