Push and Pull factors for urbanisation and counter-urbanisation


A flow chart outline most of the factors ascociated with the motives of urbanisation or counter urbanisation. Extension: once you have read and understood this, separate the factors into LEDC and MEDC categories. i.e. overcrowding is not a problem in our rural civilisations but is in African rural civilisations for example.
Lia Beart
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Lia Beart
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Resource summary

Flowchart nodes

  • Migration push and pull factors
  • Rural
  • Urban
  • Push factors
  • ExpensePollutionNoise
  • Lack of jobsLack of services; close hospitals, schools, transportFew leisure facilitiesFew schoolsSubsistence farmingFewer schools Poverty Poor sewage disposalLack of clean waterPoor education and health provisionsLack of shelter
  • Pull factors
  • Permanent jobsDirect electric and water supplyBetter educationMore jobsBetter access to healthcareQuick services; emergency Better housingWider variation of foodLots of leisureTechnological advances Security
  • Starting a family; more space, larger property for the money, fresh airRetirement; quietness, more space, fresh air
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