A Roman Domus


First year English Flowchart on A Roman Domus, created by Lara Horgan on 22/02/2017.
Lara Horgan
Flowchart by Lara Horgan, updated more than 1 year ago
Lara Horgan
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  • A Roman Domus
  • In the country a patricians house was called a villa but in the town it was called a domus
  • Atrium
  • - Hall inside the front door-Open to sky -Columns,statues, pools, fountains, flowers
  • Walled Garden (Peristyle)
  • Impluvium (Shallow Pool)
  • Slaves Quarters
  • Front Rooms
  • Sometimes opened as small shops onto the street
  • Other rooms opened off the Atrium- Bedrooms, Dining rooms, reception rooms, kitchens, storerooms and slaves quarters
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