Protein transport


Flow diagram of the transport and modification of a protein after it has been made in the Ribosome.
Nathan  Butler
Flowchart by Nathan Butler, updated more than 1 year ago
Nathan  Butler
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  • TranscriptionCreation of mRNA in the nucleus
  • TranslationCreation of proteins on the ribosome
  • More detail on protein synthesis in other resources
  • Protein moves through rough ER, developing its 3D stucture
  • Protein formed moves into rER and travel through membrane bound sacs of the rER
  • When protein reaches the end of the membrane bound sac, vesicles are pinched off the end of the rER.
  • Vesicles form to fuse flattened sacs of the golgi apparatus
  • Transport vesicles move the 3D protein to the Goglgi apparatus.
  • Proteins move through the golgi and are modified.
  • Vesicles containing the modified protein are pinched off the golgi
  • Vesicles fuse with cell membrane and proteins are released.
  • Exocytosis
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