UNIT 2- Mapa conceptual


9th grade Spanish Flowchart on UNIT 2- Mapa conceptual, created by Juani Gaviño Lechuga on 31/08/2017.
Juani Gaviño Lechuga
Flowchart by Juani Gaviño Lechuga, updated more than 1 year ago
Juani Gaviño Lechuga
Created by Juani Gaviño Lechuga over 6 years ago

Resource summary

Flowchart nodes

  • UNIT 2
  • To ask someone's age and birthday / To respond/ Numbers
  • To ask someone what he or she likes/To respond/ To describe something
  • Ser with adjectives         Gender  and adjective agreement
  • Question formation
  • Nouns and definite articles
  • The verb gustar , ¿por qué?, and porque( Rules and examples)
  • The preposition de
  • To ask what someone is like/ To describe someone
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