Biomolecules: Disorders, Nutrition, and Tests


Also included nutrition facts and biochemical tests
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Diabetes high blood glucose because insulin production is inadequate or cells do not respond properly to insulin caused polyuria (urination) and polydipsia (hunger)
Galactosemia Caused by deficiency of an enzyme GALT which is vital in the process of carbohydrate metabolism (galactose) causes jaundice
Artherosclerosis disease in which plaque (made up of fat, cholesterol, and calcium) builds up inside arteries, this narrows resulting to limited flow of oxygen-rich blood to organs
Tay Sachs Disease caused by the absence of enzyme Hex-A which results in the abnormal accumulation of a lipid called GM2 ganglioside in the nerve cells
Phenylketonuria enzyme phenylalanine hydroxylase is missing to break down phenylalanine and can cause harm to the central nervous system and brain damage lighter skin and musty odor of urine
Maple Syrup Urine Disease The person cannot break down the amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine. buildup of these chemicals happen in the blood urine smells like maple syrup
Gaucher's disease deficiency of glucocerebrosidase ( a sphingolipid) and causes glucocerebroside to accumulate mostly in white blood cells or macrophages enlargement of liver and spleen
Diseases mainly on carbohydrates Diabetes, Galactosemia
Diseases mainly on lipids Atherosclerosis, Tay Sachs Disease, Gaucher's Disease
Diseases mainly on protein Phenylketonuria, Maple Syrup Urine Disease
Nutrients listed first in yellow Limit these nutrients
General Guide to Calories 40 is low 100 is moderate 400 is high
Nutrition facts are often based on what diet? a 2,000 calorie diet
Nutrients listed second in blue Get enough of these nutrients to improve your health
DV% %Daily Value based on 2000 calorie diet
RENI Required Energy and Nutrient Intake for Filipinos
Sudan red tests lipids creates oily red droplets
Biuret reagent tests proteins turns violet/purple
Benedict's reagent tests monosaccharides turns red
Iodine test tests starch turns blue/black
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