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Tourism A form of travel which occurs away from the tourist's usual environment for a relatively short period of time.
Flow Map A graphical or symbolic representation of a process.
Ecotourism Sustainable nature based tourism that involves education and interpretation of the natural environment and its cultural concepts.
Contour Line A line on a map joining points of equal height above or below sea level.
Contour Interval The difference in elevation represented by each contour line on a topographic map.
Topographic Map A map showing the relief features of the earth's surface by means of contour lines to show changes in elevation.
The 5 types of Tourists Passive/Active International/Domestic Environmental preference Social Status Purposeful (Cultural or seasonal travel)
3 reasons to account for the change in global tourism since 1960 Terrorism attacks Health warnings Advances in technology - Cheaper Travel
Economic Effects of Tourism + A major source of income for many countries/areas. - Impact of environmental disasters on economy.
Social Effects of Tourism + Vibrant/diverse people. - Social undesirables - Binge drinking, partying
Environmental Effects of Tourism + Attempts to preserve environment. - Litter/Impact on environmental processes
5 Strategies that the Maldives have undertaken to minimize the impacts of tourism in their island nation. 1. Island resorts must provide 5 metres of beachfront to each visitor in front of their rooms. 2. Incinerators, bottle crushers and can compactors are installed on hotel grounds. 3. Some resorts insist visitors fly their garbage home. 4. Only 200 islands are inhabited. 5. Island hopping is controlled and made expensive.
How to Calculate % in International Tourist arrivals (new year –old year) / old year
5 Factors that will continue to have an effect on tourism in the future. Health Issues Nature Terrorism Political unease Technology Economy
2 Natural features you would see in Nepal 1. Himalayas 2. Mt Everest
2 Cultural Features you would see in Nepal 1. Lumbini - Birthplace of Buddha 2. Over 3000 religious temples
What constitutes an ecotourism activity? Sustainable Educational Nature-based
Gradient Rise/Run
Vertical Exaggeration of a Cross Section VE = VS/HS
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