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The two magnetic poles North and south
The three principal magnetic metals Iron, Nickel and Cobalt. Extra: sometimes steel as it is mixed with iron.
How can non-magnetic metals be made magnetic By making all the electrons face the same way
What do two poles that are the same do when they are brought together? Repel
What do two unlike poles do when they are put close together? Attract
Two ways in which you can increase the strength of an electromagnet? By increasing the voltage and the amount of coils around it
What is good about electromagnets? That you can control them. Make them magnetic and non-magnetic when you want.
One way an electromagnet can be used and why is it useful? In a scrap heap magnet to separate the magnetic and non-magnetic metals into two.
One piece of evidence to prove that earth acts like a giant magnet. It has North and South and has a melted liquid core which contains iron (magnetic metal).
What happens if a magnet is cut in half? The only difference is that it's made smaller but it will still have a north and a south
Will a magnetised metal last long being magnetic if it has been made magnetic by another metal? It depends if the person has been rubbing the magnet for a long time and IN THE SAME DIRECTION all the time but it will probably not last long as the atoms will go back to their original position
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