63. The "Strong Tie"


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The "strong tie" GROUP SIZE limit is 150 People
Who is Robin Dunbar? Studied different species of animals to know if there was a relationship between brain size (neocortex) AND The number of stable relationships in social groups.
What is the Dunbar's Number? Named by Anthropologists- The formula for calculating the limit for different groups.
The social groups size limit for humans is... 150 people
If the survival pressure is not intense or the group is physically dispersed... Dunbar estimates the number to be even lower.
Does this mean the 750 friends on Facebook, or 4,000 Twitter followers? No
What exactly does the Dunbar's number refer to? Where everyone knows everyone and people are in close proximity.
TRUE or FALSE: Some critics of Dunbar's number say that what's really important in SOCIAL MEDIA is not the strong ties that Dunbar talks about, but the WEAK TIES. TRUE
TRUE or FALSE: Weak does not imply less important when referring to "weak ties" TRUE
TRUE or FALSE: According to Social business advisor, Jacob Morgan, we find social media so interesting because they allow us to quickly and easily EXPAND these "weak ties"- becoming MORE RELEVANT to our modern world. TRUE
If you don't have the "tribe" of approximately 150 people for your "survival" community in close proximity... You may feel alienated, isolated, and stressed.
Relationships with larger numbers of people through social media are likely... Weak Ties
When you are designing for strong ties you need to make it possible for people to... Interact and know each other in the network.
If you are designing for weak ties you don't rely on... Direct communication
When you are designing a product with social connections built in you need to consider whether those interactions are... For STRONG or WEAK ties.
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