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4 ways in which attitudes towards marriage and the family have changed in the UK 1. Fewer people are getting married and more are choosing the cohabit 2. There are fewer religious marriage ceremonies 3. Homosexuality is no longer a criminal offence 4. Civil Partnership Act allows same sex couples to have a legal commitment
4 Christian views against sex outside of marriage 1. The Bible teaches casual relationships are wrong 2. Sex is special and should be saved for marriage 3. Adultery is forbidden in the Ten Commandments 4. Married couples should be faithful to one another
4 Muslim attitudes to sex outside of marriage 1. Adultery is a sin and is forbidden by Allah 2. The main purpose of sex is procreation 3. Sex should be kept special for marriage 4. Sexual desire is a gift from Allah and Muslims are taught to fulfil this through marriage
4 Christian attitudes to divorce 1. Jesus allowed divorce in cases of adultery 2. Marriage is a sacrament and divorce would break promises made with God 3. Marriage is intended for life 4. God is ready to forgive sins
4 Muslim attitudes to divorce 1. Marriage is a contract in Islam, not a promise to Allah 2. The Qur'an allows Muslims to divorce 3. Muhammad said divorce was the most hated of all things that Allah has permitted 4. Divorce may damage the lives of the children
4 Christian teachings on family life 1. Children should be brought up in a stable family environment 2. Children should honour and respect the parents 3. Children should be educated about Christian faith through the Church 4. The Church is seen as a family of Christians
4 Muslim teachings on family life 1. Extended families offer greater stability, love and support 2. The elderly should be treated with respect 3. Family life is the heart of the community 4. The mother and the father have a responsibility to raise their children as Muslims
4 Christian attitudes against homosexuality 1. Marriage was intended by God to be for one man and one woman 2. Same-sex partners cannot have children 3. Homosexuality undermines the family unit 4. The Bible teaches homosexuality is wrong
4 Christian attitudes supporting homosexuality 1. Homosexuality is natural and all humans are created equal by God 2. A civil partnership provides the same legal rights as a marriage 3. Same sex couples should be allowed to celebrate their love 4. Jesus taught 'love thy neighbour' - everyone should respect homosexuals
4 Muslim attitudes against homosexuality 1. Homosexuality is forbidden in the Qur'an 2. Punishable by death according to Shari'ah law 3. Homosexual relationships cannot produce children 4. Seen as a threat to the stability of Islamic society
2 Muslim attitudes supporting homosexuality 1. Some Muslims offer support to homosexuals so they are not excluded from the Muslim community 2. Some Muslims accept scientific evidence that homosexuality is not a choice
4 Christian attitudes accepting contraception 1. It is not a sin 2. It can be used to help family planning 3. Sex is not just for procreation 4. In times of financial difficulty or ill health, it may be necessary
4 Christian attitudes against contraception 1. Sanctity of life - every sperm is sacred 2. The main purpose of marriage is to have children 3. Sex was a gift from God for procreation 4. Contraception may encourage promiscuity
4 Muslim attitudes accepting contraception 1. Allow use of contraception to preserve life of the mother 2. Muhammad supported withdrawal method of contraception 3. Both partners in a marriage should consent to contraception being used 4. Non-permanent methods suitable for married couples
4 Muslim attitudes against contraception 1. Having children is important and contraception prevents this 2. Methods that cause early abortion are not acceptable 3. Permanent methods are forbidden 4. Shirk - behaving like Allah, changing his plan for us
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