GCSE French Edexcel High Frequency Verbs: First Set


High frequency verbs in the French Edexcel GCSE
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accepter to accept
accompagner to accompany
ajouter to add
conseiller to advise
permettre to allow
répondre to answer
s'adresser à to apply to
se disputer to argue
arriver to arrive
arriver to arrive
demander to ask
poser une question to ask a question
prévenir to avoid, to prevent, to warn
être to be
pouvoir to be able to
s'ennuyer to be bored
s'appeler to be called
s'intéresser à to be interested in
se trouver to be located
se taire to be quiet
avoir raison to be right
avoir tort to be wrong
commencer to begin
croire to believe, to think
emprunter to borrow
acheter to buy
appeler to call
annuler to cancel
changer to change
bavarder to chat
vérifier to check
choisir to choose
cliquer to click
monter to climb, get on
fermer to close
venir to come
contacter to contact
coûter to cost
computer to count, intend
pleurer to cry
se débrouiller to deal with things on your own
décider to decide
décrire to describe
mériter to deserve
discuter to discuss
boire to drink
conduire to drive
manger to eat
se terminer to end
s'amuser to enjoy oneself
entrer to enter, go in
s'échapper to escape
tomber to fall
remplir to fill
trouver to find
finir to finish, end
suivre to follow
oublier to forge
pardonner to forgive
se fâcher to get angry
donner to give
offrir to give (presents)
rouler to go along (in a car)
descendre to go down
se promener to go for a walk
monter to go up
rater to go wrong, to fail, to miss
détester to hate
avoir to have
devoir to have to
entendre to hear
aider to help
tenir to hold
espérer to hope
se dépêcher to hurry
améliorer to improve
informer to inform
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