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Does Pteridophyta form a monophyletic group with seed plants? Yes
Does Pteridophyta form a monophyletic group with seed plants? Yes
What characteristics does Pteridophyta share with seed plants? Megaphylls Multiflagellate sperm cells
Name all of the classes and orders within these classes for Pteridophyta Psilotopsida Ophioglossales Psilotales
 Marattiales Equisetopsida
 Marsileceae Salviniaceae
What do pteridophyta look like? Ferns
Are there any Pteridophyta that areepiphytic? And what does epiphytic mean? Yes Grows on other plants and gets moisture and nutrients from them
What are the two kinds of sporangia Pteridophyta have? Describe them. Eusporangia: Not that common Large Contains numerous spores Contains several layered wall Leptosporangia Very common Small Contains less spores Single layered wall with annulus
I am a Psilotopsida order that only makes one leaf a year. Who am i? Ophioglossales
What is an anulus? Layer of cells with unevenly thick walls. Contraction upon dehydration makes it tear and eject spores
What type of sporangia does Psilotopsida have? Eusporangia
I am commonly called a "whisk fern". Who am I? Psilotales
What are the general in the order Psilotales? Psilotum Tmesipteris
What phylum does Psilotum resemble and why? Rhynophyta Does not have roots or leaves as they lost them
What is a synangia? Fused sporangia
What are the synangia of Psilotum composed of? And those of Tmesipteris? Psilotum: 3 fused sporangia Tmesipteris: 2 fused sporangia
Are the spores of Psilotales homosporous or heterosporous? Homosporous
Where are the gametophytes of Psilotales located? Underground, combined with mycorrhizae
Which orders are the only eusporangiate ferns? Psilotales Merattiales
Does Marattiales have synangia? Yes
What is the taxonomic classification of horsetails? Kingdom: Plantae Phylum: Pteridophyta Class: Equisetopsida Order: Equisetales Family: Equisetaceae Genus: Equisetum
What kind of leaves does Equisetum have? What kind of character is this? Small, scale-like leaves Reduced, derived character
What is special about the epidermis of the Equisetum? Contains Silica
Label this diagram and say where it is on the plant? Internode
What is present at each node of Equisetum? Whorl of reduced leaves or branches
Are spores of Equisetum homosporous or heterosporous? Homosporous
What is a strobilus? Collection of sporangia
What are the characteristics of the Equisetum gametophyte? Green and free living Bisexual Multiflagellated sperm
What is the point of having archegonia and antheridia developing at different times on the same plant? Prevents cross-fertilization
What kind of sporangia do Polypodiopsida have? Leptosporangia
Where do most Filicales live? Temperate regions
What is circinate vernation? Coiled leaves
What is sori? Sporangia in clusters
Where do leptosporangia occur on Filicales? On the underside of fronds or on margins
What is an indusium? Structure that covers sorus starting in the placenta
What is a false indusium? Leaf margin folded over sorus
Is the gametophyte of Filicales dependent or independent? Independent
Which are the only living heterosporus ferns? Marsileceae Salviniaceae
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